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Turkey's Leading Table Legs & Bases and Furniture Legs Manufacturer

 We manufacture an extensive range of Office & Café & Restaurant & Home Table Legs & Bases and Sofa Legs 

       We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of Table Legs and Bases for Cafe, Restaurants, Home and Offices, Sofa and Cabinet Legs, and also do OEM service and design-on-demand production for all types of metal work for indoor use such as offices, homes, cafes, hotels, restaurants and schools... In addition, ERA manufactures metal frames, structures and fittings for the furniture industry. With years of experience in prototyping, working, testing and planning with the customer, providing solutions to improve and streamline the production phase.



We are guided and inspired by our Vision…

Innovation and your life

      We reaffirmed our longstanding commitment to improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation. Understanding customers and knowing their needs is a prerequisite for us. Providing people-oriented solutions that satisfy dynamic trends and habits is the starting point of ERA's design approach. This approach has led us to diversify our product range and systematically develop advanced designs.

     ERA brings the modernization that matters to you, and our brand line of "innovation for your life" is the clearest distillation of our brand commitment. It sums up the magic of innovation that creates valuable change.

Our strategic focus - driving value creation

With our focus on creating meaningful innovations, we serve both professional and consumer markets in the areas of Furniture Manufacturers, DIY Markets, Wholesalers, Project Companies, Horeca Industry and Shopping Centers. The ERA Design Team maintains the perfect balance between design and market needs by transforming attractive ideas into products that add value to life and the environment.

Businesses bringing innovations to market

Today, ERA plays an important role as a leading manufacturer that redefines living spaces in international markets with its products that are coordinated with each other and that can be easily personalized by providing better results in the decoration process - thus creating value for their customers. For ERA, design is not a beginning, it is the end of a phase that starts with dreaming. 

So let's increase our mutual growth by innovating together!

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ERA Furniture Fittings New Products
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Latest News and Insights

We have 6 important paradigms to represent ourselves, values ​​that express themselves in our work, services and business philosophy.

Quality comes first and is important to us. All materials are carefully selected and monitored by testing products at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Another strength of ours is flexibility, constantly adapting ourselves to market and Customer requirements.
Finally, what sets ERA apart is its attention to detail, finish and precision, delivering excellent 100% Made in Turkey products.

Our philosophy aims to demonstrate that quality, intuition and knowledge are the perfect blend to serve customers.

Our Paradigms

Modern Designs

Our primary mission is to create the best and most accurate designs in line with the expectations of our customers.

Operational Experiment

The operation of the production and distribution processes is carried out with significant efficiency.


Design, planning and implementation processes are carried out with the utmost care and attention.

 Manufacturing Process

All existing and personalized products are produced by our expert staff and our customers are informed about the process in a timely manner.


The original designs of Table Legs, Sofa Legs and alternative furniture components can be produced in line with special demands.

  Quality Assurance

We keep our quality at the highest level based on the materials and technology used in the total production system.

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