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Cafe & Restaurants... the best places for relaxing... 

Every society has a culture of local cafes and restaurants where you can have a cup of

coffee or have the best meal with your family and friends, or have a meeting for your work,

these places are the best places to relax and spend time.

Creating the right ambiance and atmosphere that reflects your brand is as important as food and drink, which will be an essential part of a great customer experience.If your customers are not relaxed and comfortable in your cafe, bistro, restaurant, bar or bar, their experience will not encourage them and their friends to return either.

For this reason, the furnishing of these spaces is also an important part in order to provide comfort and an aesthetic appearance to the spaces. Tables, Chairs and Tables are one of the most important pieces of furniture in a restaurant, cafe or pub because they need not only to be durable and easy to clean, but also to be aesthetically pleasing and complement the décor.

That's why we manufacture the most trendy Table legs and provide complementary chairs and tables to suit your spaces, and our wide product range covers a wide range of classic, traditional and modern designs.

Please browse our collection of Commercial Standard Table Legs and Bases for cafes, restaurants, pubs, hotels and bars.All of our restaurant table legs are manufactured from commercial grade, high-quality materials suitable for high-traffic areas and rigorous use.

Individual , high value , high quality


With the expanding number of cafes and restaurants around the world, the need for venue owners to ensure that they not only serve the best coffee and food, but also have attractive, stylish and comfortable seating is a priority. We know that quality and aesthetics are very important in these entertainment venues, which are increasing day by day, in cafe table bases, chairs and table tops.

Dining tables are one of the most important pieces of furniture in a restaurant, cafe or pub because they need not only to be durable and easy to clean, but also to be aesthetically pleasing and complement the décor.


We believe in offering our customers choice and quality, which is why we offer the most popular and classic range of cafe and restaurant tables legs. We have a range of tables to suit any occasion and style for indoor use. 


Classic, Stylish, Aesthetic 


Stylish chrome and painted Table Bases offer a stylish look for any living and dining area. Different Table Base designs offer a wide choice to fit anywhere, so we're sure it will be exactly the design you're looking for.


We mainly use 430 stainless steel on the chrome legs of the indoor tables, which can also be used outdoors, so you can give your seating area a stylish industrial look.

Cast iron table legs in our range can also give your seating area an industrial look and can be used both indoors and outdoors. This would be suitable for heavy traffic areas in commercial locations where it is easy to clean and maintain.

table bases
Indoor Table Bases

Outdoor seating is a great alternative in restaurants and even in the gardens of houses during the summer months... Our aluminum and cast iron models are ideal for outdoor use without the worry of rusting...

Table bases for Shopping Malls

Our Basic Single and Double Bases are ideal for Food Courts in Restaurants and Shopping Centers, as in the photos on the left and below, taken by our Project partner in Europe.

Table Bases for Food Courts

Comprehensively adapted to your Requirements 

Stylish , Personal , Balanced

Practical , Lesser Footprint , Balanced

There is a wide variety of cafe/restaurant furniture on the market all over the world with different styles, sizes, colors and finishes. Whether you have any fast food space, cafe, bar, pub or a traditional restaurant, we can manufacture and supply the right products for your venues. Our Decorative Legs match perfectly with stylish log table tops from different wood species, ideal for dining tables in restaurants or even homes.

Dining Table Top

If you have an outdoor space, especially in the spring and summer months when the food and beverage industry is busiest, outdoor furniture is a must for every cafe, pub or restaurant. Normally we offer Aluminum Table Legs for outdoor use that can be mixed and matched to suit specific requirements. Depending on the situation, we sometimes combine Aluminum pipes with St.Steel Bases.

how to complete your cafe/restaurant

seating and tables

As there are so many options for decorating the spaces, the owners of the space get complicated in choosing furniture. That's why we kept it simple and offer different options for table legs that can be easily selected according to the space themes. To complete your project, please browse our product range on our product page.

Seating Solutions for Cafe & restaurants
Table Tops for Cafe&Restaurants
Table Base for Coffee Shops
Mall Food Court Table Bases
Restaurant Table Legs

Our Decorative Legs pair perfectly with a wide selection of standard cafe/restaurant center table legs as well as trendy log table tops from different wood species, ideal for dining tables in restaurants. These models can also be customized according to the desired designs. In addition, single table base heights can be made in special dimensions for Bar Tables as follows;

Bar Table Legs
Large Restaurant Table Legs
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