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ERA Production of Table Legs & Sofa Legs

ERA can perform various machining systems to produce Table Legs and Sofa Legs, frames and other legs in steel for the furniture industry, both in steel and iron tubular form, as well as in round metal filled.

We use manual, semi-manual and fully automatic machines for cutting, bending, welding and polishing operations. Main works such as Cutting, Twisting, Forming, Drilling and Welding are done in Round pipe, Wire, Square, Rectangular profiles and mass flat steels.

We use manual welding techniques - for Oxyacetylene welding (also known as brazing, torch welding or flame welding) and for TIG welding. We also outsource laser cutting, coating and galvanizing.

The ERA Brand symbolizes solid partnership with the do-it-yourself segment, as well as indoor furniture, trade and craft.

Furniture fittings production is our expertise and passion. Our products set the criteria for function, quality and comfort for furniture and With our experience and know-how, we can meet the most diverse demands of the Customer.


Processing on Wire

We are processing on a solid round bar (steel wire) from Ø10mm. Our main manufacturing services: cutting, bending, forming, welding wires to produce great coffee table legs, side table legs for indoor and outdoor use. ERA is equipped with complete facilities capable of realizing and finalizing metal products, from pipe cutting to drilling, bending or forming and welding all parts.


Sofa Legs
Bed Legs
Legs for Cabinets
Furniture Legs Technical Drawing

ERA designs and manufactures prototypes with the support of architects and world-renowned companies that have chosen ERA for quality, speed, flexibility, timely response and facilitation of production.

Table Leg Customization

Process from starting to cooperation

" Production is much more than putting parts together. It is the sum of ideas, experience and hard work, as well as the final stages from packaging to delivery "
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