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We realize customized projects for furniture components like different designs on legs and also cafe & restaurant projects with our Table Base Range . Please feel free to contact us for your any projects for restaurants & cafes and also new furniture designs ​


Project Business partners are architects , designers , wholesalers , distributors and furniture manufacturers . We are committed to providing competent advice and expertise in coordinating and implementing all kinds of projects in Furniture sector.

This platform is a breeding ground for creativity and promotes the exchange of ideas , the development of concepts and the integration of innovative solutions. Our product solutions are being used worldwide in architecture , interiors , DIY Stores and quality furniture. They have been implemented in hotels , rooms of all types , offices ,  restaurants , bars , bistros , coffee shops , etc. 

Each individual solution combines functionality , high quality materials and design with a high degree of design.The international experience of a market leader and professional project management promote the success of our customers.

In part of new projects , we are here to see your projects to implement at the best possible conditions . 

Please see few projects we have finished recently for our worldwide partners.

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Some Completed Projects...


April 10, 2021

We designed Pulls for Kitchen Cabinets

We have finished our French distributor's demand and started to manufacture in serial to be distributed to restaurants and cafes all over Europe.


December 10, 2020

Bed Support from Steel material

We have finished production customized support to be used side of beds 


August 27, 2020

Cabinet Leg Project

We started to produce these basic models for serial knock down furniture sets in bulk quantity


January 18, 2020

Table Leg Project

We realised customized Table Leg model for Office usage 


March 12, 2021

Steel Towel Hanger for Bathrooms

We have finished our work on towel hangers for bathrooms upon request of one of the biggest DIY distributor of Europe


December 8, 2020

Steel Profile Bed  Reinforcement production

We have finalized production delivered steel supports for beds for a special project to one of the biggest Bedroom manufacturer in Denmark and we are glad receiving next orders for their ongoing productions.


June 11, 2020

Luxury Cabinet Leg Project

We started to produce these contemporary models fo luxury cabinets mainly for homes


September 14, 2019

MDF Waste Bin Trays for Cafe and Restaurants

We have finished our French distributor's demand and started to manufacture in serial to be distributed to restaurants and cafes all over Europe.


February 16, 2021

Bended Steel Cabinet Legs

We have finalised a new model of our customer for their new sofa range . We used 60x8mm Steel Sheet and plated with chrome plate.


September 15, 2020

Connection Bar for Table Lift Mechanism

We have produced this Stabilizing Bar from 25x17x2mm Black anodized Aluminium and inserted connection plates with M6x15 bolts . These bars will give great stability to the bed system when installed.This bar has been produced as customized for our customer who is the biggest distributor of furniture fittings Richelieu Company  - Canada . Product Link can be viewed at


May 8, 2020

Cabinet Leg Project

We started to produce another cabinet leg project which we used a tube for production and applied bending process for easy assemble. Mat Black powder coating has been used for finishing.

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