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Some Photos of Places where ERA products have been used ...

Discover the artistry of interior design in our captivating case studies, featuring a harmonious blend of creativity and functionality. From the inviting ambiance of restaurants to the dynamic workspaces of offices and the personalized comfort of homes, our carefully curated collection showcases the transformative power of ERA's premium products.

Witness the seamless integration of design elements, including ERA's innovative table legs, sturdy table bases, elegant furniture legs, and stylish side table legs, in each project. Our meticulous attention to detail, coupled with a palette of thoughtful colors, brings these spaces to life. Whether it's the fusion of modern aesthetics with timeless elegance in a home or the strategic layout of a vibrant restaurant, each case study serves as a testament to ERA's commitment to elevating environments


Here is a spider leg for large table tops, a photo of one of our distributor's showrooms. Looks great with solid tops 4-5 cm thick.

ERA Coffee Table Legs In a showroom of our distributors, real wood tables are fixed, displayed and sold.

ERA Bases are preferred in copper coatings for a restaurant...

One of our most admired models in the Side Table Range... We can make special cuts according to your wishes and needs...

ERA Hairpin Legs are used in almost every home..

One of the popular cabinet legs we produced and a photo from an American Home using ERA Legs.

This model is out of our standard range and is one of the most requested models.

Here is one of our biggest Table Legs called spider, a photo from our Belgian customer...

It is one of our famous models in the coffee table leg series and one of our distributors also uses it in their showrooms apart from distribution.

We produced these Single Legs for Office projects in Europe.

One of our Cabinet Manufacturers uses our ESL 307 Gold model for his beautiful Cabinets...

We carried out the laying and final project of a Mall Food Court called Caravan in Kharkov-Ukraine. Large ERA Bases were preferred in white and black colors...

Here is a model from our partner in Belgium ... We manufacture gray veneer Legs for Office Tables sold in bulk

In a newly opened shopping mall in Ukraine, rectangular pedestals were chosen as well as round bases for the dining area. ERA brought this project to life by producing all the Table Legs of this newly opened Shopping Center.

ERA large Table Legs were recently used for the Food Court in a Shopping Mall in Ukraine. We applied anthracite gray for all bases.

It is one of the most popular Legs for Office Desks and has been chosen for the latest Office projects.

Our best selling table leg models have been selected for conference room decoration.

ERA Decorative Legs were used in the Big Office and Meeting project.

The best-selling Standard Table Legs for Offices, preferred by one of our customers...

A large restaurant has just opened in Cyprus and they used our Double Table Legs for their tables.

One of our popular Leg model under a Log Top in an office.

In addition to the Double Table Legs, our customer in Cyprus also preferred this model for other Table types in the space.

ERA Table Legs are a very good choice not only for restaurants but also for offices... A photo from our client's office.

"Eighties", one of the most watched TV series in Turkey, chose ERA Table Bases and we signed a sponsorship agreement with the TV Channel.

Here is one of the special legs produced by ERA for IKEA Furniture distributed in the USA... The legs are produced in brass, chrome and matt black...

This model is rarely chosen by our customers, but looks great used for a new restaurant that opened recently.

One of our most popular MDF Body Stainless Steel Leg Table Leg Models was used in a newly opened restaurant recently.

One of the elegant models chosen by a restaurant in Morocco. We use MDF body in different MDF color and St.Steel base.

It is one of our most popular powder coating models used in all kinds of dining spots. Werzalit Top also accompanies beauties to create a wonderful atmosphere in your spaces.

Here is a table from one of the famous cafes where ERA Cast Iron Legs are used.

Our black powder coated Bases are used outdoors as well as in the restaurant garden.

A view from the office of our customer using ERA Decorative Legs, according to the special dimensions.

A view from our client's office where ERA Decorative Legs are used.

Black powder coated Table Legs for wooden tables - a photo from our customer who owns a restaurant chain.

A photo from our distributor's showroom (Table Tops and Chairs do not belong to ERA)

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