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Some Fairs where we have recently appeared

We repeatedly keep up with both International and Local Exhibitions of components, accessories and semifinished products for the Furniture Industry. You can view a few exhibition photos of our existence. Rather than keeping in touch with the internet, touching the products and feeling the physicality of the materials is increasingly important, as fundamental is the personal meeting with our clients and business partners.

Xenia  - Greece 2022 , Furnishing Exhibition

SICAM - Italy 2022 , International Exhibition of Components, Accessories and Semi-finished Products for the Furniture Industry

Xenia Exhibition
Pordenone Exhibition - ERA Fittings Co.

Intermob - Turkey 2021 , Furniture Fittings Fair

Intermob Furniture Hardware Exhibition
Interzum Messe - ERA Furniture Fittings

Interzum  Messe  - Germany 2019 , Furniture Fittings Fair

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