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New Products

Our designers and market researchers use further technology and market knowledge to continuously create quality and leading-edge furniture fittings and hardware products in every determined period of year, mainly prior to the new year. 
We here keep up to date on all the new furniture/table legs and innovations that we will be honoured to offer.
Please check back repeatedly for the new model updates. Please find new models as follows, which we designed during the year of 2022 and launched in 2023.

If You like to see where our Legs are used ?

Acrylic Couch Legs
Acrylic Furniture Legs
Acrylic Sofa Legs
Acrylic Cabinet Legs
Conical Sofa Legs
Designer Furniture Legs
Steel Sofa Legs
Couch Leg Designs
Decorative Sofa Foot
Cylindir Furniture Feet
Swivel Chair Bases
Restaurant Table Bases with Wooden Leg
Home Table Bases
Horeca Lux Table Bases
Home Office Table Legs
Log Table Legs
Wooden Table Legs
Coffee Table Legs
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