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Office Solutions...

Tables are at the centre of every workplace. Table legs must therefore meet high standards as visual and individual quality requirements. A good desk should have an ergonomic design with functionality and attractive looks. Adequate space for changing work postures and height adjustment systems is essential for healthy work routines. ERA Table Legs that enable smart workplace organizations to equip the desk down to the last detail.

Office Table Legs
Meeting Table Legs

ideally equipped for suberp work in the office

Office Table Bases
Meeting Table Legs
Hairpin Office Table Legs
Wood Table Tops for Offices

ERA  Table Bases are used in Offices as well as Restaurants...

Table Bases for Office Meeting Tables
Office Meeting Table Bases
Office Table Legs for group meetings
Office Meeting Table Legs

Office concepts comprehensively
                                adapted to your requirements

From the realization of your or your client's furniture concepts and room design ideas, all of our attention is focused on finding the most suitable solutions for your individual requirements, which is why we have designed different Table Legs to suit your needs for any office requirement.


Successful bosses and managers make credible and smart decisions and have plenty of self-confidence and charisma. ERA Table Legs fit exactly these features... Our Table Legs give offices a prestigious look and create classy new rhythms in terms of appearance and function.

Office Decorational Tables
Office Table Legs

versatile  in

Whether singly or in pairs, Flexible ERA Desk Legs are the perfect foundation for efficient executive workspaces and add stylish touches to provide perfectly equipped workspaces.

It is ideal for open plan offices, variable table legs, creating an attractive appearance and practical solutions for multiple workstations in one room. The pleasant and simple construction style provides an open and lively appearance, even for large offices.

ERA Table Legs are also used in homes for home office purposes. In some families and some businesses, home offices play a wide variety of roles. If you work from home, it's definitely your workplace. But a well-organized, functional and comfortable home office can lighten your workload. For this reason, make your choice from the most suitable feet that will add extra comfort and elegance to your home offices..











Hairpin Legs
Hairpin Legs or Home Offices
Hairpin Office Table Legs
Home Office Tables

Home Offices

Home Office Table Legs
Home Office Table Legs
Office Desk Legs
Office Desk Legs

find your level and reach working height for your health 

Office Desk Supports
Single Office Table Support Leg

Personal , Stylish , Balanced in the office

These two models are the most trendy models for both home offices and institutions.We mainly apply black, anthracite gray and white coatings on these strong Legs.

Office Decoration Solutions
Office Desk Legs
Table Legs for Office Decoration

We produce not only Office Table Legs, but also Metal Legs for Office Furniture such as Armchairs, which are one of the important parts of the total office decoration.

Office Furniture Legs

Are you planning to move your office ? So, we have prepared a relocation checklist for your move, please download the pdf below to use it before and after your move.

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