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Packaging of Legs & Bases : Cleanly packed

Good packaging is also becoming an issue for the furniture hardware industry.

The fact is that the furniture industry lags behind other sectors when it comes to packaging. In many cases, materials that do not score well in terms of environmental protection dominate, and their disposal is usually not a big issue for retailers and manufacturers either.

However, it is clear that the type of packaging is becoming more important for consumers , wholesalers and furniture manufacturers . According to a survey , around a third of consumers are already paying attention to this. The furniture industry cannot resist the trend either.

Example from ERA

One example of how it can work is from our side - Managing Director Erol Urk sees not only production but also packaging as the central point of the strategy ; " Basically , we use thick poly bags and thick carton export boxes to package our solid sofa legs - and then carton boxes for Bases after all, there are very good recycling possibilities for this.

"For our customers, who attach great importance to sustainability, price and design must be right," Export Director Serhan Kurusa reports. But also an environmentally friendly packaging is well received - provided that the products really arrive undamaged.

Packaging is very important as much as the product quality . ERA pays utmost attention for final packaging for all products.


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