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Office solutions, Desk Legs...The offices become more assorted...

The office furniture industry is increasingly focusing on the individualisation of the workplaces .

The megatrend of individualisation has been preoccupying the furniture industry for some time. Customizing is the keyword for the production of furniture and furniture legs according to customer wishes. Even with mass-produced products, there are now many variations to choose from. As ERA , we give this freedom of design within our client's demands.

Office Table Legs

Naturally, individualisation in the office starts with the design of one's own workplace. As a novelty in the office furniture industry, ERA manufactures "Customized Office Desk Legs" and desktops that can be individually carved out with desired dimensions and styles.

Desk Leg models are ergonomically optimised and available in various models and can be configured with a variety of colours and cover materials to suit our client's desire.

Office Desk Legs


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