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Wooden Table Legs 

We also produce this kind of Leg models for Tables which can be used in homes , offices , kitchens , restaurants , bars , cafes , bistros . We mainly produce steel part and combine with Timber Legs in order to present High quality and trendy Table Legs with adjustment feature. Sometimes what you need is just so simple and uncomplicated but you just can not figure it out ... So, it is here...  Please check  simple sleek designs according to your table length. 

Wooden Legs can be used under all kind of tops but we suggest usage of 18mm MDF which looks sleek and modern for these tables . Different kind of top dimensions can be produced upon demand.

Wooden Table Legs
Timbers Table Legs

We can also help presenting very sleek chairs which will accompany with these sleek table models . Chair models can vary according to usage area so if it will be used in kitchen at home , some models can be eliminated because they are mosty suitable for cafe&restaurants usage .

Wooden Table legs for Kitchen Tables and Chairs with wooden legs
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