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Decoration Components of diversity...

Few decoration components , many solutions : For manufacturers and users at the same time, systems are an economical way of creating the greatest possible variety with a limited repertoire. Their dismantlability not only simplifies storage and transport, but also makes it possible to supplement or reconfigure systems once they have been purchased.

Single coffee table legs system can be arranged as single furniture or in combination. The eye-catching feature of all models have a chrome and brass end , which fits perfectly under any mdf , chipboard or laminated tops . Selected colours are available in matt black.

The system allows many individual design options, including a single usage or trial usage at homes or offices . ERA offers a 3 different height options .

The versatile single coffee table leg system is made of 10mm massive iron . It is assembled by any table top which is made from wood . Assembling is carried out with three simple screws and your coffee table is ready , only thing you will do is to choose a desired top .

Star coffee table leg is available in black with brass end . The material of the system is very light and can be moved easily . It consists of 3 different heights and it can be either used as trio or single upon needs.

ERA decoration concepts have penetrated into all areas of furnishing, from home&office furniture and luminous components to coffee shop furnitures , restaurants and hotel room furniture. It does not always have to be a large universal kit, sometimes our range consist of just a few components. One of their qualities also has to do with sustainability. Products are durable and can be used in new constellations again and again.


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