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Decorative Log Table Legs , Sturdy Table Legs for Dining Tables 

We produce solid decorative Legs that can also be applied to heavy wooden tables. Manufactured from high quality steel, it offers durability, strength and a contemporary design. We use a large top plate for these designs, this not only adds visual appeal but also provides strength and stability to the table structure. We also provide OEM service for your customized models.


These models can only be powder coated with a texture finish. The main black finish gives the table legs a stylish look that blends easily into different interior styles and is a real eye-catcher that attracts attention and adds elegance to any room.

Dining Table Legs
Dining Table Legs
Table Legs for Heavy Tops
Log Table Legs
Sofa Fittings

In addition to the use of such Legs under heavy tops, we also produce the same style as Sofa and Furniture support from time to time upon the requests from Furniture Manufacturers.

We also manufacture Spider Legs for Dining Tables upon your dimensions;

Spider Table Legs
Spider Table Bases
Cleaning Instruction of Table Legs
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