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Which Metal Legs should I choose for Sofas / Furnitures ?

The popularity of metal furniture/sofa legs, especially the chrome and powder coated , have been very strong over the years. So , we have using different kinds of finishings in our models and when faced with a wall of attractive legs in your hardware store , you want to feel confident that you can make the right choice.

Outside of the different finishes there are also other considerations to be made, including fixed height versus adjustable, leg diameter, leg height and the weight capacity of the leg.

Below is a quick breakdown of the type of metal furniture legs available ;

Cylinder Legs

One of our more popular range round ones can be categorised in both the height and diameter of the leg, whether it is adjustable or not and the finish like chrome , white , black or any other colours based on RAL codes.

Some projects will require a specific height / length and we make custom production based on our partners demand especially with sofa manufacturers. There are both adjustable and non-adjustable legs, allowing you to customise the height or make micro adjustments, to ensure a perfect fit. Some of our legs are adjustable by simply twisting the end cap to make the height adjustment. Our Models are also categorised based on assemble type because some sofa manufacturers use legs with Bolt according to their sofa structure and we manufacture these models with M8 or M10 Bolt upon demand , besides flat square top plates which are more used.

Laser Cut Legs

As long as trendy furniture sector have been rising in popularity , we are forced to manufacture different kind of decorative popular leg models which will match with these trendy furnitures . We have already been developing new models at the end of year in order to launch in new upcoming year which will be choosed and used new furniture models by manufacturers, Besides , we are contributing this trendy furniture world with our OEM service.

Steel Couch Legs with laser cut

Sofa Legs

Source our Decorative Leg models for your beautiful Sofas and Furnitures...


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