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Layout in Restaurants

It is very essential to get the right layout that will fit your establishment so you can maximize seating capacity and create the right ambiance for the restaurant or bar . Putting some thought into the layout will help with the flow of the restaurant, from seating to walk ways for servers and customers.

Lets start with a few points to guide place owners .

1. Know your spaces

What are the spaces and their purposes ? We need to first establish the spaces, i.e waiting area, bar, dinning ( small group vs large group), vip, etc. It is very important to know your spaces so you can design for them correctly.

2. Do we want to use booth or banquette seating? Or Both?

Booth and Banquette Seating can help define spaces. They help break up what could be a large and boring square room into distinct zones and incorporate the décor and the interior design of the restaurant. Designers use booths and banquettes to accentuate colors and textures from the theme This helps to add visual interest and turn the restaurant into a spectacular space. Custom booth seating can also help create privacy.

3. Party Size

Consider the intended group size. Are you expecting many small parties of 2 or large parties for families? Want to do both? Sure, you can create zones where its easier to accommodate large and small parties.

Seating Capacity Layout

As long as we manufacture Restaurant&Cafe Table Legs&Bases we also pay attention to seating layout for our partner's places . Selecting the right seating layout is a difficult task because the options are endless. However, there are general guidelines you can stick to which will help you in your efforts..

The overall space of your restaurant/cafe should be divided as such:

  • Dining Room Area: 60%

  • Kitchen, Cooking, Preparation , Storage etc: 40%

The recommended square footage per person is affected by the type of restaurant/cafe you wish to establish yourself as . It will determine how comfortable the dining experience your guests can have.

The standard table space per person is 762 square cm , but because of the variety of restaurants , that number will vary as well if you want your guest to eat comfortably and have a great experience. For example, cafeterias employ trays which confine the meal to that space, whereas restaurants may need additional space for utensils and extra plates.

We hope these information will help you out during your preparation of seating plan in your place.


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