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Hairpin Legs for Beds, Sofas , Dining Tables , Side Table , Coffee Tables ...

We are leading manufacturer and have been manufacturing 3 kinds of hairpin legs which are one of the most standard, yet upmarket designs on the market. These are meant for all kinds of people – those who design and/or assemble their own furniture as well as those preferring a more professional touch. These can be bought either plated or with powder coating.

Beds are different from the usual application of the hairpin leg , since generally hairpin legs are seen as being more suitable towards home office tables , dining tables , coffee tables and lightweight study desks. But we manufacture also small size of hairpin legs which will suit for beds...

People begun to go for these hairpin legs when looking for a heavy-duty addition to furniture collections . Finished in a minimal looking white or black , it brings with it a sense of reliability , quality and peace of mind. Undoubtedly, one of the best all-round hairpin leg product in the areas where we export.

There is no doubt about it – black finish gives you a rustic, old-school yet modern vibe which no other finish can get close to. If your room is styled in a way which goes with such an aesthetic, there is little which comes close to these set of legs for the best finish and peace of mind.

While on the lookout for hairpin legs, these stood out for their unique shape and cold rolled manufacturing process. These hairpin legs give you a variety of sizes to choose from, all the way from 240mm to 700 mm. We are able to adjust height based on desired height as we are very flexiable in our production .

Assembling these legs is a joy, since it comes with pre-drilled standard sized holes. The curve and design of these hairpin legs is absolutely perfect, and the black finish goes well with almost anything and you can sleep well at night, knowing these solid, industrial strength legs are there to support your bed.

These hairpin legs are for all of those looking to make a change in their current decor, or simply wanting to have an out-of-the-pack aesthetic for your room. The brass and copper finishes are sure to make your bed designs stand out and feel fresh regardless of their age given their strength against rusting and aging.

High Quality Hairpin Table Legs

These hairpin legs offer a very different proposition – they come in a wide variety of colors . Further, to maximize the creativity, you can have each These legs make the most sense for those looking to redesign their home to have a snazzy , modern, pop-color vibrancy to it .These are also recommended for those looking to build their children’s beds, since such color would definitely add a lot of cheerfulness to their rooms.

As a conclusion ; While all of these legs offer something fundamentally different, you can be assured that in terms of quality or longevity, all of them are at par with the best of the our production. Furthermore, you have a wide variety of designs to choose from !

Whether you’re looking for a modern, jazzy feel, or you’re looking for a standard metal finish, you’re bound to love all these hairpin legs.Whatever be your style of choice , your best bet lies among these timeless hairpin leg designs.

We also offer different designs for a variety of applications. The double weld construction with superior quality material is sure to keep your table steady for a long time. The manner in which it radically changes the look of the room is remarkable. Depending on your application, you could go in for the coffee table variant, the variant meant for benches, or low coffee tables. You could also go in for counter-top hairpin legs or if you’re looking to spruce up beds or cupboards, you could also have the furniture variant.

Though not for everyone with the black powder coat, for those who need peace of mind with any major weight that they’ll need to put on the table – these legs are second to none. The triple rod design ensures extra stability and minimal wobble. Further, they are perfect for a writing table, or even a restaurant table.

Is coating on the hairpin leg necessary ? Which coating should I go for ?

It is a very common question , so an uncoated hairpin leg which is raw steel may look better, but the fact remains – rust will start to corrode the surface of the leg in a short while. If you live in areas with medium to high humidity, a powder coating is essential to prevent rust from settling on the legs. Rust can take away much of the usable life of your table’s hairpin legs, hence you should take utmost care in this regard.

Generally, hairpin legs come with powder coating which can protect your hairpin legs from damage by the elements. For those looking for pure copper or steel designs, clear powder coating is also available, which gives you long term reliability and the finish of your choice.

A few other factors which also should be taken into account are the dimensions of the mounting plate and the location of the holes where the screws should go into. Predrilled holes are great, however, make sure you know their diameter beforehand and don’t end up getting different sized screws. A tip here would be to get one size lower screws and upper ones too, since you’ll save time in finding out the exact measurements.

The 2 Rod Hairpin Legs is the ideal site where the traditional meets the modern and especially suitable for coffee tables and side tables . And if you’re looking to give your modern household furnitures a reinvented classical feel, then the 2 Rod Hairpin Legs might just be the right pick for you.

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