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Composite Table Bases

We have started to produce some models of Table bases from composite materials which are more cost effective and have multi usage facilities both indoors and outdoors. So , what is composite material ? A composite material is a combination of two materials with different physical and chemical properties. When they are combined they create a material that is specialized to do a certain job, for instance, to become stronger, lighter and resistant.

Benefits Of Composites

Composites offer many benefits. Key among them are strength, lightweight, corrosion resistance, design flexibility, and durability.

  • Strong. Per pound, composites are stronger than other materials such as steel. The two primary components of composites – fibers and resins – contribute to their strength. Fibers carry the load, while resins distribute the weight throughout the composite part as required.

  • Lightweight. Composites are light in weight compared to most woods and metals. . Lighter objects are easier to transport and install.

  • Resistant. Composites resist damage from weather and harsh chemicals that can eat away at other materials. That makes them good choices for applications that face constant exposure to salt water, toxic chemicals, temperature fluctuations and other severe conditions.

  • Flexible. A wide range of material combinations can be used in composites, which allows for design flexibility. The materials can be custom tailored to fit unique specifications of each application.

  • Durable. Simply put, composites last! Structures made with composites have a long life and require little maintenance. Many products made with composites, such as boats, have been in service for more than half a century.

So , we used all these advantages in our new Table Base models which will give freedom to people who like to drink and eat outdoors. Some of the models of composites are as follows and can be ordered via our contact email -


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