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Human Resources

Our success in the sector is based on quality human resources and dedicated employees. We are sometimes in

search for motivated new colleagues for new positions as long as our volume increases. 

Whether you are an assistant for export , for sales & marketing , manager , planning , a qualified technician ,

warehouse person or a driver , we look forward to your unsolicited application if you believe your skills will

help further the cause of ERA .  We check whether your potential suits our needs and will then meet with

you to discuss which interesting opportunities may be open to you at ERA.

Qualities Sought for Recruitment :

  • Minimum Level of Education : Varies according to the job positions . University graduates are mostly preferred for office staff and minimum middle school for jobs in production , assemble , warehouse , driver

  • Preferred Educational Institutions: All local and overseas universities/high schools/middle schools are accepted.

  • Foreign Language : Knowledge of English is a must and a second language is an advantage of acceptance for office staff.

  • Experience: Experience varies according to the needs of the job. In addition to recruitment of experienced staff , inexperienced staff is also recruiting for some positions which do not need experience. 

  • Social Qualities : Candidates who are considered to suit the ERA corporate culture and employee profile are preferred.

  • Other: It is vital that the candidates must not have committed any disgraceful offence in their previous work . A criminal record investigation report is requested prior to start.

  • Military Service Issues: Depending on the importance of the position, decision for recruitment is taken by the company management . Although, in general, candidates who have completed their compulsory military service or , depending on the position, those who have had their military service deferred for at least 2 years are preferred.


All candidates are treated fairly and objectively in recruitment evaluation and candidates are informed in a timely manner and the contents of interviews remain confidential. Please feel free to send your CV with photo to  

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