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Use Cloth Bags

We use cloth bags instead of plastic bags. You ask why ? Blatantly plastic bags we use birds, fish, turtles threatens their lives. Soil, water accumulates. In one year, we are using an average of 500 plastic bags as an individual. now is the time to use cloth bags instead of plastic bags, saying a stop to this consumption.


Cloth bags are used widely all over the world, no longer it is used in Turkey. This site aims to spread the use of cloth bags; therefore, the habit of using cloth bags to reduce the use of plastic bags; a sensitive nature and embrace the lifestyle environment; and it seeks to gain the awareness of recycling in the long run.


Move project is environmentally sensitive world Diaper Bag, activists in May 1, 2010 by a group of young people, all individuals using bags began to be implemented in the target. After providing adequate voluntary support on the project internet destination in Turkey it is characterized to all the provinces in the area to continue with the application.

reason to realize the project


1. The fact that the large size of the losses that spread into the environment Bag bag,

2. raw materials of plastic bags to be obtained from non-renewable resources,

3. in the world, the total use of plastic bags, approximately 500 million individuals in the range between 1 trillion and an annual average of 500 plastic bags to use,

4. take many years to transform the nature of the plastic bag (400-500 years), threatening wildlife under the sea of ​​plastic bags,

5. To be efficient recovery of plastic bags,

6. threatened wildlife use of plastic bags: Plastic bags are subjected to chemical dissolution under the lights and in the long term involvement with the soil and poison the water-soluble occurred,

7. The absence of our country, the habit of using cloth bags

The aim of the project

1. To minimize the use of bag bag,

2. To raise public awareness of the harm of telling Bag bag use

3. To promote the use of cloth bags in all areas of life,

4. Shoppers of every individual, the use of cloth bags when shopping and bring it habits,

5. Nature damaging, change the habit of using plastic bags.

Goals of the project

1. Diapers to reveal the benefits to the environment of use of the bag,

2. On the big chain stores and supermarket associations to form a pressure group,

3. To create a pressure group for legislation on the subject,

4. Public to raise awareness on the issue,

5. To encourage the production and sale of cloth bags Let's be the first part of this project, protect nature


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